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Inclusive Talk is our AI-based tool through which we aim to create positive change by focusing on the power of using inclusive language everyday.
Because words “heal.”

Transform your text with inclusive language that is respectful for all

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Inclusive Talk offers an automatic text generation service based on AI. However, it does not control nor is it responsible for the specific content generated by our tool. The generated text may vary in quality and accuracy and may contain errors or incorrect information. Users are encouraged to carefully verify and review the generated content before using it.

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    Inclusivity is a daily commitment.

    Inclusivity is a daily commitment: Every day we learn and evolve both individually and collectively, on a journey which brings us closer together, without exclusion and as part of one world.

    This ongoing journey is filled with successes but there are also challenges. Our Inclusive Talk tool aims to address these challenges in the most proactive and impactful way.

    Inclusive Talk allows you to transform every text into its most inclusive and respectful version: The artificial intelligence behind it learns new information every day and is fuelled by the latest industry studies and analyses. However, just like us, Inclusive Talk may encounter challenges that are difficult to overcome. In such cases, sensitivity, common sense, and critical thinking come to our aid: It’s human intelligence that allows us to evaluate whether it is fit for purpose.